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Transmitair is a new breed of Internet Service brought to you by leading Wireless Connectivity Specialists, Rapier Systems

What do our customers say?

“Quite a few of us work remotely. In the past when the satellite connection failed, we found ourselves having to drive to the nearest internet café, which could be anything from a half hour to several hours drive away depending on what was open. Now we can do everything we need to right here in Drimnin.”

Mike Foulis

Drimnin resident and a founding member of the Drimnin Community Broadband CIC

“We had grown used to continual buffering and internet speeds of less than 1 Mbps which effectively limited our internet usage to email only.  Now we have 30 Mbps and have joined the 21st century (and Netflix!).  Rapier has done a great job and it has really helped running the farming business and for people staying in the holiday cottages.”

Alex Forrester

Isle of Mull Business Owner

“Since first opening our doors in 2017, we’ve struggled with even the most basic tasks such as taking card payments, with the result that sometimes we had to leave our customers waiting while we tried to fix the connection or arrange to collect the money later. Now, we’re able to do online banking, video conferencing, screen sharing – all the latest advances that make running a business a whole lot easier.”

Annabel Thomas

Ncn’ean Distillery

“Despite all the complications and peculiarities that working in a remote community brought they remained determined to help. We are enormously grateful for their professionalism, sense of humour and determination as they have achieved exactly what we were looking for. Often going the extra mile, many of which have been nautical miles as they criss-crossed the Sound of Mull to successfully connect our community firstly with Tobermory on Mull and finally with the rest of the world”

Rhonda Newsham

Drimnin Resident

2 weeks ago

Transmitair Limited
Whilst it isn;t necessarily welcome, a bit of snow won't stop us doing our thing across #strathspey. People have waited (and suffered) long enough with poor #INTERNET / #broadband #connectivity, so we are pretty keen to keep on making these new connections.Our team are out and about helping new customers connect to our StrathspeyNow network! The weather is not stopping us!Interested to know more, please visit this website and #businessbroadband #wirelessconnection #communitybroadband #gigabitbroadband #cromdale #boatofgarten #dulnainbridge #grantownonspey #strathspey #cairngormsnationalpark ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Transmitair Limited
Sending festive greetings to all of our customers, partners, friends and of course our dedicated team.Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Transmitair Limited. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Transmitair Limited
It’s time to get this show on the road. After some weather related delays, our engineers are on site in #GrantownonSpey today, commissioning the #Gigabit #Wireless connection between the town and the hilltop mast, which will provide the network’s main throw of reach.StrathspeyNow, Destination Digital, The Grantown Society ... See MoreSee Less
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👉 Broadband News - #Blairgowrie & #Rattray

We are determining interest for our #superfast #broadband service in the above communities. You may be eligible for a FREE connection.

Find out more and register your interest here

#Broadband News - #LochLeven

We are connecting customers in May 2021, but there is still time to register. You may be eligible for a FREE connection. Follow the link to register with no obligation and one of our team will check your address credentials.

Our team have completed the installation of #4G #broadband for a customer struggling with poor #internet speed. This is something we are asked to do fairly regularly and we are happy to oblige as we continue to plan our very own #superfast & #ultrafast #wireless network.