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Our product is different from most other broadband providers. We don’t only focus on download speeds. We understand that some customers need upload speed too. This is very important for staying in touch with loved ones, for those working from home or for online gaming.

Click below to see what speeds we offer and you’ll quickly see how we compare with standard broadband.

Standard across all home packages

  • Existing phone line not required for these services – system is delivered via a wireless antenna mounted on your property.
  • Phone service available as an addition – uses your existing phone handset connected to our service.
  • Prices quoted are per calendar month.
  • Prices quoted are per calendar month, Inclusive of VAT and are based on a 24-month agreement.
  • All products include a router with built-in Wi-Fi.





Additional Services

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Terms & Conditions: –

  • Once Installed, the provided equipment (antenna & router) remains the property of Transmitair Limited.
  • If the contract is not renewed at the end of the contracted term, Transmitair Limited may arrange to remove the equipment and seal any ingress holes made on the initial installation.
  • Activation fee from £180.00 (Inc. VAT). This fee will be applicable for customers taking our Home Super 100 service or better and will only be applicable for those who do not qualify for free installation.