About Us

Transmitair is a new breed of Internet Service Provider (ISP) brought to you by the team behind the country’s leading Wireless Connectivity Specialists, Rapier Systems Ltd.

What makes Transmitair different? Well, unlike most other Internet Service, we don’t use cable or fibre to deliver service to your home or business and we do not dig up roads or pavements or generally cause a nuisance, nor do we suffer the same delays associated with this more traditional service  – we use Carrier Grade Wireless equipment to deliver our service through the air, a bit like mobile phone technology, but much better!

What do we mean by Carrier Grade? Carrier Grade is a term used to describe equipment used by large telecommunication companies to deliver vital communication services for all types of business needs, including systems critical to customers like the emergency services, local and central governments and financial institutions – in short, the equipment is quite simply the best in the world. We’ve built long-standing relationships with the people who manufacture it and we’ll be using this same technology to deliver up to 1000Mbps (1Gigabit) to your property.

What’s more, the team behind Transmitair have decades of expertise designing, building and maintaining complex communication networks for clients all over the U.K. These clients have precise and often particular demands and they rely on us – you can too!

We’ll be building our network in various locations, starting in the Kinross / Loch Leven area in spring 2021. We then plan to roll out to further communities in the Perth & Kinross Council area, the Angus Council area and of course we won’t be leaving out our home town of Kirkcaldy in Fife, along with other Fife Communities. Our plans continue to take shape and we’ll do everything we can to keep you informed. It’s all very exciting!

You can click here to find out if we are already in your area or register your interest in receiving our service. The more interest we get, the quicker we’ll build out to where you are.


Thanks for reading.


Richard Watson – Director