About Us

Transmitair is a new breed of Internet Service brought to you by leading Wireless Connectivity Specialists, Rapier Systems.

Our service is different, because unlike conventional cable-based Internet Connectivity or Broadband, we bring Superfast and Ultrafast Internet and Broadband to your home or business through the air, using carrier grade Wireless equipment. What does carrier grade mean? It means the technology we use is trusted by the world’s biggest telecommunications providers and we are using the same technology to deliver a true alternative to cable.

We’ve been using this technology for over twenty years, so it isn’t as new as you might think.

Delivering our service to you through the air also means we don’t inconvenience pedestrians or motorists by digging up roadways or footpaths, not to mention the endless misery that often accompanies these activities, such as temporary traffic lights or footpath and carriageway closures.

An important by-product of our low impact activities are CO² emissions much lower than those of more traditional broadband delivery methods.

Utilising telecommunications industry expertise of over three decades, we’d like to think we know what we are doing, and we’ve been trusted by our customers to deliver robust, reliable, business critical connectivity for them since 2003.

We’ll be building our network in various locations. Click here to find out if we are already in your area or to register interest. The more interest we receive, the quicker we’ll build out to your location.