Map Key

Use your mouse to drag the map to your location or click on the relevant location name at the top left of the map to be taken to one of our existing areas of service or an area we plan to cover shortly. Then use the + / – buttons at the side of the map or mouse wheel to zoom in for more detail on the coverage area and availability.


Green – In Build / Active

Orange – Taking Registrations

Blue – Working in Partnership with Destination Digital


In Build / Active – These locations are already providing service or are coming soon.

Taking Registrations – We are keen to get you connected, so please register here and the Transmitair Network will reach you sooner.

Our Partnerships

Transmitair are working in partnership to develop a unique collection of community networks. This is borne out of the work that’s been delivered by Destination Digital in creating the UK’s first and only Digital Improvement District, CuparNOW.

The award-winning improvement district has demonstrated that ‘digital’ is the foundation of support for multiple audiences across the town and its rural catchment: Residents, Businesses, Visitors, Community Groups, Culture & Tourism Bodies, Education & Training Providers, Environmental Projects, Health & Social Care Partnerships… All helping to drive economic development and sustainability.

We are working with Destination Digital to build on their community support model – to offer the opportunity for homes & businesses to register for Gigabit-Capable Broadband.

The first areas are open for registration.




Others will soon be live;



Each area is inviting homes & businesses to register for Gigabit-Capable Broadband.

The absolute basic offering we will deliver will be the industry standard ‘SuperFast’ speed of 30Mbps. Our ambition will be to offer significantly faster download & upload speeds delivered wirelessly.